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African Travel Quiz 2

This weeks question is about one of Africa’s most iconic landmarks – Table Mountain in Cape Town.  How tall is it at it’s highest point at Maclear’s Beacon?

Table Mountain Cape Town South Africa

a) 1086 m

b) 1068 m

c) 1186 m

d) 1608 m

Add your answer to the comments.

The answer to last weeks Quiz Question  are the Wildebeest, Lion and Thomson Gazelle

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African Travel Quiz 1

This is the first of our first weekly quiz about Africa and Travel in Africa.

The idea is to find a couple of questions each week and see how much you know about Africa.

This weeks question

Of the 5 fastest land animals 4 are found in Africa.

The first one is a given, the Cheetah, which reaches speads of upto 75 mph (120kmph). The Cheetha has amazing acceleration and can easily accelerate from 0 to 110 kilometres per hour (68 mph) in three seconds, faster than most supercars.

Can you name the remaining 3?

Add your answers as a comment below.

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